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Julita from Singapore >

Halloo again Anky :) We would like to thank you for the hospitality & great diving experience we had in Bunaken. People are warm & friendly... we feel like we are at home. I would like to thank Winston especially for being such a caring dive-guide under the sea... and Nan for our very first lessons in diving.... Thanks a lot, guys! The food are good especially ikan bakar, nasi goreng, kolak & doughnout made by Mr Randy's wife :) Not tomention the arrangement to have bubur Manado at Waikiki Rd. It was superb & I feel like having it again and again... yummy... Looking forward to join you next time :) Cheers, Julia from Singapore

Pasquier Audrey

So, first, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the very good organization. Since the very beginning until the last minute of our journey, everything went so smoothly thanks to you, Mr. Anky :-D... Even in your first e-mail, we can feel that you are nice and friendly... The only regret I have is that we were such in a rush in Manado that we even did not have time to take picture of you !! So bad !!! :-D Again, it was nice of you to bring us in this yellow rice restaurant and to spend time explaining us the kill-dog customs of Manado !! Okie...enough for you Anky.. already too much compliments !!

So apart this side, our 4 day stay in Bunaken was simply great. The SDQ
staff welcomed us very warmly. they are all helpful, nice and friendly

Message to Nan : Hallo Funcky man..Yeah...definitely, you are the funkiest..The picture we took with you on the boat are so nice !!! I hope you don't feel too sad without your 3 favorite girl students :-P... I really want to thank you to have made me feel so relaxed in the water. I guess I would not have fell so fine without your good advices. Btw, you know what !! Julia and I are going for our PADI license...So get prepared not to be the only dive instructor on Bunaken...cause we will have it very soon !

Message to Winston : To my cute and handsome divemaster, thanks again for
your help, your kindness, and your cheerful personality ! I already miss
your smile and your Indonesian songs... Want to hear it again ! When are you
coming in singapore since you dunno the country ? :-P... And remember, next
time i'm coming in Bunaken, I want you to be my dive instructor :-D

Message to Karel, Steven, Ungke, Vincent : Thanks for the good timing, your help on the boat and the great organization... You are really a very good team ..Keep up this great work !

Well, i should stop here... I guess you understand how happy I was there...
Cannot refrain myself to look at the pictures again and again..For sure, I
will come back in Bunaken !

I really wish you all the best and hope to see all of you very soon ! Luv, Audrey

Moon Yong -

My fovorite dive site is Mandolin Point.
Super strong current in certain dive site.
BUT, it is cool to experience it. To many CUTE creatures arround the beautiful corals. Of course the helpful and friendly staff / dive guides. Keep up the GOOD work !!!! I will bring more friends here.. Bye moon Yang

Karyn Huang -

Likuan 1 and 3 is my excellent dive site :)
The crew was great. Jerry was very good dive guide ! Friendly staff. I had som much fun, thanks to Winston, Jerry and Johny, Sony martin, Dey Vincent and all those who names I have not pronounce properly. Thank you all. Karyn..

Kennoth Lam -

I had a great time getting my PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. My favorite dive site on Bunaken island is Lekuan 3. It is beautiful water on Bunaken island. Hope fully I will be back, but I have to work and get monet first :) I will see you later my friends. Cao !

Franch - Wednesday,
Jose and Dams

It's been a fantastic time to come and dive with you guys. Love your place, excellent facility, good and new dive equipment, excellent guide and very flexible for divers. I will be back soon. The wall is just fucking good :) on bunaken island !!!

The best diving in Indonesia is Bunaken island !!! The best shop in Bunaken island is Sulawesi Dive Quest !!! Had wonderfull time diving and learning. Frans is a great PADI instructor. If you do need to do the course, Frans is the name and this is the fabulous place to do it. Frans help me dramatically improve my diving. Enjoy...My Favorite dive site is Lekuan 3. I saw 3 eagle rays here !! :)
Germany -

Excellent Place :
-Nice bungalows and beach
-Nice Staff
-Beautiful surrounding
-The diving is magnificent
So many things to tell and see for photograph. I will come back again for sure next time. Walter and Monika. Selamat tinggal and Terima kasih ( Thank you )...
Jakarta -

Akhirnya bisa lihat Pygme juga.
Frogfish, buanyaak sekali. I need more Nudi...Nudi...
I will come back soon........
This is the best dive sites I have ever been.......!!!
Thanks to SDQ Team, especially to Paulus and bubur tinutuan ( manado food ) Proffesional Team, Keep up the good work !!
Sampai Jumpa nanti..
Holland -
Weng Lynn

We dived many times with Sulawesi Dive Quest on Bunaken island last time. This year it was impossible to dive with SDQ Bunaken and we tryied to dive with other dive club on bunaken. We felt very sad and unsafe with other dive club on bunaken island when we dived with them. But now, Coming here ( On SDQ Lembeh island / the other dive operator of Sulawesi Dive Quest ) felt as coming home. The staff works as a team. Paulus is very experienced and love the all underwater creatures. The food is the best, we eat in indonesia. The place is very quite and our doughter Indra had a wonderfull time here. We will come back this christmas this summer. Terima Kasih. Marcel, Mildred, and Indra from Holland.
Singapore -
Weng Lynn

This messages is for Sulawesi Dive Quest (SDQ) Lembeh Resort on Lembeh island: Just planning for the next trip here. Dive sites are fantastic and lots of new things to see. Mandarin Fish mating, white V Octopus, Frogfish and many more. Amazing, pretty to much ! Hairball is really hairy place, FULL OF SURPRISES !!! Many of creatures that I have seen on the book came a life right in front of me. Not just one, but Tons of them. A fun of them like Devilfish, Cacatue fish and more fish...To many to write on. I will be back again, but with the camera. I will taken them on pictures instead of words...:) Great service, Paulus ( The dive master ) and Johan is simply too great. All of you on lembeh, keep up the good word !
Singapore -
Wee-Boon Ang

Hi! Anky,Paulus,Nan and all the crew of SDQ!
Thanks for making our stay in Bunaken and Lembeh an experience of a lifetime. In the water,we never stop to mavel the vast varieties of marine life and the excitement of discovering a new species in Lembeh . Out of the water its the laidback environment of the resort that we treasure.The local dishes were sangat enaaaak!!! ( very delicious )
We will be back for the food if not the dive! Ha! Ha!
Singapore -
Barbara Phua

This is the second time I dive with Sulawesi Dive Quest. Thanks again for the great diving experience at Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Straits. If not for the keen eyes of your divemasters, I wouldn't have gotten all the nice pictures. Keep up the great Indonesian hospitality and service. I will be back again!!
Bellingham -

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the work you are doing.
It makes me want to send flowers to all the wonderful people I know :)
Thank you. Keep up the good work !
Haarlem / Holland -
Peter en Peggy van Huis

Hallo allemaal,
Wat hebben wij het weer geweldig gehad bij SDQ!!! We zouden 1 week op Bunaken blijven en 1 week in Lembeh street. We zijn tenslotte alles bij elkaar 5 weken gebleven!! Iedere duik was weer een belevenis op zich. Op Bunaken zijn er prachtige wand en stroom duiken te maken en zie je de wat grotere vissen, zoals Napoleon, Doegong ofwel een zeekoe moeder met kind, Diverse soorten haaien, en verder alles wat je maar kunt verzinnen.Ook pygmy zeepaardjes zijn er tegenwoordig in de buurt van Bunaken. Zie foto. In Lembeh stonden we echt versteld van wat daar allemaal te zien is. Er leven diverse soorten prehistorische dieren. Ooit een Pegasus gezien?? daar zie je ze regelmatig!!! De meest prachtige slakken, hengelaarsvissen, zeeduivels, gewone en pygmy zeepaardjes. Zand-aalen, deverse soorten krabben en kreeften echt te veel om op te noemen. Op Lembeh heeft SDQ nu mooie bungalows neergezet op het strand. Nou mensen als je dit leest, dan weet je waar je volgende reis naartoe gaat (en de onze)mail met SDQ en ze halen je gratis van het vliegveld af. Ze zijn bijzonder gastvrij en hebben hele goede gidsen zoals Nan (Bunaken) en Paulus (Lembeh) De Dive master en teacher Frans is de beste in zijn omgeving!! Dit hebben we van diverse kanten vernomen. Nou de groeten en heb je vragen dan hoor ik het wel
Portugal - Monday,
Filipa Mendonça

Hi Frans, thanks I have just received my new card its very nice, now I have my permanent PADI certification from Open Water Diver. Also, Thanks for your patience to teach me, I realy apreciate to Know the underwatwer life with your team, Thanks to everyone, Paulus on Lembeh island, Ronald, Johan, John, Nokie, Danny, Anky ...Cheers
Portugal -
Rogerio Silva

It's a great experience dive in Lembeh. This special place is the home of the most incredible underwater criatures. This is a paradise for macro photos.
Thanks for all the crew of the SDQ to offer me all this things underwater and for the fantastic stay at your very good dive resort in Lembeh island.
I hope came back in the future!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -
Elaine Lam Siew Ling

It was definitely a memorable experience diving in Lembeh Sraits, especially with SDQ! Thanks Danny for taking us where we needed to go. You've been very kind and friendly. We're sorry that we couldn't see you at the airport. We'll meet again, I'm sure and hopefully with more people will come ! Thanks Paulus for showing us all the cool sea life! Was totally blown away! Don't ever stop playing the guitar!! The crew, Ronald, Johan, John, Nokie etc, have been so warm that they've difinitely made the trip special. Thanks again. The simple touches like warm towels after every dive, food served at the chalet, simple but delicious food, the bucket of water at the entrance - simply heaven! It was great knowing you, Franz! Wish we could have dived more with you. We'll definitely meet again.
BKK, Thailand -

Hello guys,
It'd been very nice staying at SDQ's in Lembeh. I really appreciated your good services. Special thanks to Paolos, our great dive leader, Denny and Anky and other guys who are very very nice. You guys make me feel that Manado-Lembeh, a wonderful world, is my home. I will be there again next year (hopefully).
See you all there.
Thailand -

I really happy to know all staffs of SDQ. U all are very good friends.
It was very great fun diving there (Lembeh and Bunaken). I saw many things that i hvnt seen before. Very very happy..!!
I really happy with all ur services .Thats all.
Thanks everyone. Miss u all so much.
Bangkok, Thailand -
Buddhidha P.

Hi Marthen, Nan, Paolos,Anky, Noki and all of you.
Thank you so much for your memorable warm welcome and taking good care of me. I really enjoyed diving with you guys here and had a wonderful time. It had been very exciting every time I geared up and ready to jump out off the boat and thought what I gonna see under the blue water down there; what you would show me this time. Bunaken is fascinating while Lembeh is unbelievable. I have done the most dives in my life and took picutes most in my life too (within only one trip ! ).

Your team are very efficient and excellent, good service-mind and helpful at the same time. Don't loose these qualifications. I'm sure you will get repeted guests more and more including me. See you again (soon).

Jason and Jocie

Hallo SDQ!
Jocie and I returned from our SE Asia adventure in February and it took us this long to get settled. After six months in SE Asia we can look back and say with confidence, "The diving on Bunuken was the best!!!" Nan, Max and the rest were terrific. I always felt safe and they pointed out the coolest marine life. They can spot anything. Thanks so much for taking us out. Over 25 dives for each of us! You guys can't be beat !!!
Grenoble France -
thomas chapon

je tenais à laisser un message sur le livre d'or de SDQ car c'est à coup sur un des meileur centre de plongée où je sois allé. L'équipe est très sympa et s'occupe de tout pour que votre séjour sur l'île de rêve de Bunakan soit une réussite complète. Le seul regret que j'ai eu de mon expérience là-bas c'est d'avoir oublier de prendre un appareil de photo aquatique. Si vous allez plonger avec eux passer le bonjour à tout le monde. Ils peuvent programmer tout ce que vous voulez tant pourla plongée que pour les transports et l'hébergement Si j'avais de l'argent en ce moment au lieu de passer mes exams à la fac je serais sur cette île paradisiaque avec tout ces gens formidables. Porfitez en thomas ps si vous avez des photos de plongée à bunakan je suis preneur
Thailand, Phuket -
Hanne Kyhnau Hansen

Sulawesi Dive Quest is a highly professional Diving Center with good natured, professional and knowledgeable diving guides. Sulawesi Dive Quest also has one of the most important qualities of them all...They are a lot of fun ! The diving was great ! There were magnificent small creatures, popping up everywhere ! The Pygme Sea horse was absolute number one experience !

Bunaken has somthing to offer everyone..From the Open Water student to a highly spoiled dive instructor like my self :)
Germany -

Hallo Ihr Lieben!
Nun bin ich schon zum zweiten Mal bei Euch gewesen; Nicht nur der Tauchplätze wegen, die sicher zu den Top10 der Welt gehören, sondern auch wegen der angenehmen Atmosphäre bei Euch... Vielen Dank an Euch alle---wir sehen uns wieder.
London -
Aldus and Jenny

The best diving we have had to date on our travels and really friendly and fun staff. Nan is a fantastic dive guide and we were very impressed with the attention to safety and comfort.

We did about 8 dives on various wall sites and they were all excellent. If you are thinking of diving in SE Asia this is the spot. Much better than the Gilis or Bali or Kho Tao or the Perhentian Islands. Truly spectacular wall dives with plenty to see even at 5 metres making for really long dives. Those frog fish are mad!
Germany -

An alle Tauchbegeisterten:
Nord-Sulawesi bietet keinen Luxus,oder Comfort im komerziellen Sinne, und beim Tauchen gibt es meistens etwas Strömung.
Wenn man aber etwas indiwiduell eingestellt ist,vermisst man nichts mehr
das muß man gesehen haben!
Viel Spaß und viele Grüße !


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