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A great place to relaxDive the Lembeh Strait and
Stay on Lembeh island with us

        Lembeh strait is a 12 km long stretch of water seperating Lembeh Island and the mainland. This region is not known for its massive schools of pelagic fishes or congregations of sharks. No, Lembeh Strait has become known as a "Macro-Mecca." This is because of the incredible number of unusual marine animals that are regularly encountered in this area. The majority of small critters that can be found in this place are Sea Horses, Mandarin fishes, Squid, Octopus, Ghostpipefish, Hairy Frogfish, Pygme Seahorse, Crabs, Shrimp, Nudibranch, Scorpion fish, and more in rare and unusual animals....Lembeh Strait-long, narrow and paralled to the coast of Sulawesi-creates a calm channel, protected from both the northeast and southwest- monsoons. Diving season is all year round. The water temperature is different from Bunaken ( 28-30oC ). Lembeh is much colder and the open sea are av. 25oC. 5mm thick full wetsuit is recommended, as well as a dive hood. Lembeh is A must for any sea slug lover !

Where there is muck diving, there are some magical
creatures for photographers to capture on film.

       Our Dive Resort is located on Lembeh island. The one and only white beach of the island. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Manado Airport to the city of Bitung; and another 10 minutes by boat from the jetty to Sulawesi Dive Quest on Lembeh island. All of our reasonably priced bungalows are beach front and built in the traditional Minahasa style with verandahs. Each bungalow has a fan, two beds, and western style bathroom with running water. Our resort is located on a beautiful private white sandy beach, with the lembeh strait, and all its amazing dive sites right out your front door !!!. We proudly welcome you to experience your stay and dive with Sulawesi Dive Quest on Lembeh island. Reservation is highly recommended !

Photo from our guest in lembeh strait
Ray / Remora and Wunderpus from Lembeh strait

Lembeh Strait’s Scuba Diving US$ 30 / dive,
Includes: Dive guide, dive boat, weights and tank.
Dive price above are excluding dive gears.

Accommodation on SDQ Lembeh island, beach front cottages USD 20 / person / day Includes :Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This price is excluding Beverages ( Coca Cola, Beer, etc ).

For your convinience we arrange your tranfer Manado Bitung with additional charge Rp 300.000. ( Approx. USD 35 ), We give free transportation for long stay or more number of divers.

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Newsletter about Lembeh Strait :

Hi friends, dive buddy's,

       It's a longtime since my last little newsletter but finally after a fabulous trip to Lembeh I really have to tell you some awesome things. On 12th of april I left Thailand for a dive holiday in Indonesia. Destination Sulawesi , northern Indonesia with famous divespots as the island of Bunaken and the world top spot for muckdiving Lembeh strait. I spent the first week in Bunaken making 13 dives together with my diveguide Nan. It's great wall diving over there with as highlights the enormous amount of beautiful Tunicates and sponges. Nudibranchs everywhere but mainly restricted to a few species which you encounter in hugh amounts. These were Chromodoris willani, chromodoris annae, chromodoris elisabetina. On the two dives near Manado also beautiful Hypsolodoris Bulockii. Special nudi's included Thuridella Lineolata, Halgerda Malessa, chromodoris recticulada and nembrotha Kubaryana. I also saw a lot of new fishes. First timers were the majestic angelfish (pomacentrus navarchus), the arrowhead soap fish, eastern skunk anemonefish, pink anemonefish. Also some very nice Gobi's one of them the sailfin partner goby (amblyeleotris randalii) . Also some turtles which are enormous here and easily measure over 1 meter. However the most beautiful event I filmed was the spawning of the eggs of the mandarin fish on the beginning of new moon. Cacatue fishBreathtaking shots of one of the shyest dragonet fish. As these small little jewels only come out in The very late afternoon just before the nightfalls everything had to be well organized but I was very lucky to get this on tape. Bunaken was nice and interesting but what would come was stunning !!!!!!!  After one week I left to Lembeh island, I stayed at small dive resort ( Sulawesi Dive Quest ) , to check out lembeh strait. Interesting area as there are reefs around Lembeh island with white sandy bottom. The other side of the strait however is volcanic sand bottom black sand as in Tulamben Bali and home of unusual critters. I spent two weeks there diving everyday. The things I saw were amazing and Here follows a list of it ... ;

      At least 100 cockatoo waspfish (three different species), they were everywhere. Flying gurnards on almost every dive, pygmy seahorses at three different divesites, 5 different seahorses still to be identified, bentstick pipefish on most of the dives, Seamoths ( 7 in one dive ), Fingered dragonet (also called dragon eel) on many dives, The banggai cardinalfish (endemic to Banggai islands and lembeh strait), Many devilfish also known as Indian Walkman, false and real stonefishes, pelbetfish (?) as my dive guide Paulus said. I couldn't find anything back in a book but it's a very special kind of scorpionfish? were the tail and dorsalfin grows together to form one. It looks like a sausage humping around controlling balance with the ventral fins. I saw three of them.  Flamboyant cuttlefish, weedy scorpionfish (rhinopias frondosa) two together and this is an extremely rare fish, robust ghostpipefish (solenostomus cyanopterus), ornate ghostpipefish (solenostomus paradoxus) and Slender ghostpipefish (solenostomus leptosomus) all together 12 ghostpipefishes, different kinds of mantisshrimps, very special crabs camouflaging themselves one by putting a sea urchin on its back and another one by putting a jellyfish on its back, ribbon eel, the extremely rare broadbarred sleeper goby (valencienna puellaris), the black ray partner goby and the marvelous longrayed sanddiver (trichonotus setigerus), tayler's garden eel, octopus maybe wonderful but need verification first (three of them), 8 different anglerfish (frogfish) with the jewel of the trip in it. The extremely special and seldom recorded hairy frogfish. Other first timers were the vermiculated butterflyfish, Bartel's dragonet, banded snake eel swimming in the open, silver sweetlip, anker wrasse, red emperor and pyjama cardinalfish.  Nudibranchs now, well also stunning. Many ceratosoma's but need a further good look, as some species are very look-alike. Highlight was one ceratosoma with an emperor shrimp living on top of it. Also hypselodoris infucata, hypselodoris Emma, hypselodoris iacula, tambja kushimotoensis, nembrotha rutilans, thuridella bayeri, philinopsis cyanea, chelidonura inornata but also some which I can't identify (philinopsis and my first thecacera nudi). Near the jetty also some nice shots of a leaflike juvenile batfish. I made 43 dives with an average dive time of 87 minutes / dive.

      Diving in Lembeh is not so easy as all dive operators are located in Manado that is 1 1/2 hours away by car from Bitung was all trips start. Only one dive resort is known in Lembeh, called Kungkunggan but this is a place to be if you have much money. SDQ ( Sulawesi Dive Quest) the operator I was diving with has a base at Bunaken and have 5 bungalows with max only 10 divers only on lembeh island.  People were very helpful and big thanks again to my dive guides Nan and Paulus from Sulawesi Dive Quest at Lembeh island. I had a very good time and saw awesome things, I hope to be back soon ........

"Danny VanBelle" PADI Instructor

Sulawesi Dive Quest
Diving Resort on Lembeh island

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