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Bunaken wall diving


Napoleon Wrasse




From SDQ's Crew on Bunaken for our guests

We would like to thank all our guests for diving with Sulawesi Dive Quest and the photographers for sharing their pictures with us. We hope that all of you had a pleasant diving and photography experience with us at Bunaken Island and Lembeh Straits. We look forward to diving with you again.

Photography by SDQ's Dive guides

Diving Bunaken - Guest is Preparing to dive Diving Bunaken - Soft Corals Diving Bunaken - Bubble Coral Diving Bunaken - Animone Fishes
Bunaken island - Sunset at Liang Beach We service you better !

Bunaken and

Lembeh Strait

U/w Photography from Bunaken and Lembeh by Barbara Phua
More picture from her ( online )

Diving Lembeh - Seahorse Diving Bunaken - Yellow Scorpion fish Diving Lembeh - Flying fish Diving Lembeh - Stingray
Diving Bunaken - Scorpion Fish Diving Lembeh - Morey Eel Click Image to Enlarge  

U/w Photography from Bunaken only by Manon and Gerrit from Garmeny
More picture from them ( online )

Dive Bunaken - Turtle Dive Bunaken - Lion Fish Dive Bunaken - Leaf fish Dive Bunaken - Napoleon Wrasse
  Dive Bunaken - Clown Fish Dive Bunaken - Frog Fish Dive Bunaken - Sea snake

Photography by Achim and Torsten from Germany

Dive Bunaken - Cacatue fish Dive Bunaken - Coral Dive Bunaken - Coral Dive Bunaken - Sea Star

Photography by David Sailer from Germany
More picture from him ( online )

Dive Bunaken - Sunset Dive Bunaken - Skin diver Dive Bunaken - Coral

Photography by George Latherow

Dive Bunaken - Fishes Dive Bunaken - Spotted eagelrays Dive Bunaken - Anglerfish
Dive Bunaken - Unicornfish
Dive Bunaken - Stone Fish
Dive Bunaken - Sponge leafy
Dive Bunaken - Staghorn Corals Dive Bunaken - Spinefoot fish Dive Bunaken - Red Anglerfish


Dive Bunaken - clown 3 automatisch bewerkt Dive Bunaken - Black lion Fish
Dive Bunaken - Red Anglerfish Dive Bunaken - Ambion Shrimp


Dive Bunaken - Turtle Dive Bunaken - Turtle Dive Bunaken - White angelfish


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