Dive Crew

Local Crew Management

Nan ( Dive Manager / Instructor & Dive Guide )

        Anwar Madea or ” Nan ” for short is a professional diver and and experienced technical divers, with thousands of dives logged on Bunaken, and Lembeh. Nan began diving on Bunaken and its area surroundings since 1997. His knowledge of the reefs, currents, fish life is unprecedented ! The best thing about Nan is that he’s the friendliest and funniest guy, always eager to share his knowledge and stories with our guests.

Marthen ( PADI AI & Dive Guide )

        This pioneer dive guide already dive since 1993 on Bunaken island and Lembeh starit. He grew up in Manado and already join with Sulawesi Dive Quest since 1996. This experience dive guide’s licensed is PADI Assisten Instructor. He enjoy to guide you and entertaint you as well when you are in the dive boat. He speaks english good, and also a great spotter in the water. He use to help carry your dive gears and clean them up for you. Together with Nan, he will find the best underwater spots for your dive trip.

Stephen ( Dive Guide )

       Born and Raised on Bunaken island, Stephen has been in the diving industry for many years. Stephen has a record of more than 1000 dives in Bunaken. He speaks english a little but he is good in pointing in the water. Stephen already joined and became a dive guide with Sulawesi Dive Quest since 1999. He will show you all the best caves and wall diving on Bunaken island.

Ungke ( Dive Guide )

       Jhon “Ungke” is our best pointer dive guide of Sulawesi Dive Quest on Bunaken island. He speaks english good and often entertain you. He has been working with Sulawesi Dive Quest for almost 7 years. Already been as a dive guide since 5 years ago. Ungke knows a lot the area of Bunaken island, evan if you ask him where to point the unusual things on Bunaken like Pygme Sea horse, he will find it for you :).

Vincent ( Finance & Administrative )

       Vincent ( Accounting and Administration ) is one of the many hard working staff members who ensure that the operation runs smoothly. Vincent (General Affairs) is a very visible person in almost every capacity at SDQ, and does his best to keep your visit comfortable and enjoyable. He will help safe your money / document / ticket in our safety box at office if you ask for. He will handle all payment cash ” Rupiah / US$ / EURO ” from you after you finish stay and dive with us 😉

ANky ( Email Responder & Dive Guide )

      He is the man who always answer your email. He and you will organize together on email for your future dive plan on Bunaken island. Anky is one of the first staff members to greet you upon arriving at Manado Airport. He is very easy going and helpful. Growing up in the area; Anky brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, which he uses to assist you throughout your stay. He also holds a PADI Emergency First Response and has been diving for almost 5 years on Bunaken island.

SDQ Bunaken is your helpful, friendly dive center
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Best Wishes and Happy Diving from
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